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New Business

In business 1-3 years,  ready to explore growth opportunities and work on cash flow, brand value, organizational structure and more.

All SBDC consulting services are offered at no cost throughout our tri-county service territory. The list below contains services commonly offered to new businesses. Our services are tailored exclusively  to your business needs; if you do not see a specific area of need listed below, please make an appointment to speak with a consultant. Expand the menus below for more information on  some of our services.

Finance & Accounting

Legal & HR


Download Tools

Competitive Analysis Table

Every market has competitors, both direct and indirect. This tool will help you organize and analyze your company’s competitive position based upon things that matter to your target customers.

Advertising Budget

A great monthly advertising budget template that you can drop right into your word document business plan.

Major Media Types

A good comparison of the advantages and limitations of the major media types available to market your business.


Partnership Agreement Example

A Partnership Agreement helps avoid conflict, which may arise between partners. This is only an example of a partnership agreement. Generally,  a partnership agreement will cover aspects such as, the primary business of the partnership, details of the Partners, roles and responsibilities, voting rights, capital contributions, ownership shares, profit and loss distributions, financial reporting/taxation issues, transfer rights, termination and ultimately how disputes will be handled.